Vanilla planifolia

Cured and dried beans extracted
in 40% organic alcohol

The sweet vanilla orchid flower must be hand pollinated as the solitary bee that was the         only pollinator is thought to be extinct in the world. Every morning between the                early hours of 7-9am, when the pollen is most receptive, we put on our bee suits             and hand pollinate each flower. It is tricky pollination, a skill that needs to be                      honed for good pollen transfer. This allows for a large bean to develop.

Pollination usualy takes place on our farm from approximately April to June... rain or shine. This year we hand pollinated 7153 blooms and will see what our success rate is when we harvest the beans.

The beans grow for about 9 months and are individually harvested when exhibiting signs of maturity. We then expose the beans to sun for several hours every day for 7 days, wrapping them in towels to sweat at night. The beans are then carefully dried and stored in air tight containers for up to 1 year or more so the vanillin crystals and their deep intoxicating flavor. Beans are sorted according to size

Beans are sorted according to size, the largest sold for whole bean and others made into extract using 40% high quality vodka. 

Small Heading

Locally grown & produced in Hawaii