Feel the POWER!

Acmella oleracea & Acmella alba

Dried & Fresh Flower Buds Extracted in 40% Organic Alcohol

We make our tinctue using 2 species of Spilanthes

and Fresh flowerheads whch are rich in spilanthol, the active ingredient proposed to be responsible for most of its biological activity.

Take a few drops, swish around in your mouth,  you will begin to salivicate....wildly and begin to experience a "buzzing" sensation as your nerve endings become excited, your circulation increases and the power of the herb diffuses throught your mouth and gums. Your saliva contains antibacterial compounds that help protect your teeth and gums and combined with the strong bacteria fighting action of spilanthes this tincture is popular for helping to fight tooth decay.

The alkamide "spilanthol" is most commonly used to treat toothache, throat and gum infections and will also temporarily act as a anathesia to deaden tooth pain while its bacteria fighting action fights tooth decay.

Traditionally spilanthes has many uses that have been screened and authenticated by reasearchers in vivo and in vitro.  Research has demonstrated its antibacterial properties and in vitro tests have demonstrated its strong effect against;

  • E.coli

  • Pseudomonas

  • Salmonella

  • Klebisella pneumonae

  • Staphyloccus albus

  • Growth of Candida albicans.

Based on these actions it may also be effective in treating cold and flu  infections,viral infections such as herpes& cold sores, parasitic infections, and fungal or yeast infections causing ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch and vaginal infections.

An extra bonus is its potential for decreasing facial wrinkles by reducing muscle tension. It has also been proported  as an aphrodisiac and rumor has it there is a drink at Haru's in New York called "Electriquila," (or "Electric Eel"), a cocktail featuring the "buzz" of spilanthes in a traditional margarita reciepe and a few other additions.



Use full strength for optimum effect

Locally grown & produced in Hawaii