Fermented and Drid seeds extracted
in 40% organic alcohol


  • Attritibuted Medicinal Properties;

    • Used since ancient times to treat many health conditions. Studies have shown it to be positively associated with cognitive performance which may involve the action of cocoa flavanols and methylxanthines.

  • ‚Äč

    • Historically used to treat coughs.

    • Contains potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, and magnesium which contribute to cardiovascular health.

    • trigger the release of dopamine and the endorphin phenylethylamine, both of which soothe the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and depression.

 Suggested uses;

  • Mix several drops of cocao tincture with other spices such as Cinnamom, Cardamon, Nutmeg or clove in warm milk or coconut milks for a rich tasting and enlivening blend.

  • Also makes a great chocolate martini or alcoholic beverage added to vodka, coconut milk and a bit of honey.


Our Cacao beans are individually picked at perfect ripeness, fermented naturally, dried and extracted in 40% high quality alcohol.

Locally grown & produced in Hawaii